Beware These 5 Causes of a Hip Labral Tear

The soft tissue surrounding the hip is a ring of cartilage known as the labrum. It helps cushion the hip joint and holds the ball of the thigh bone firmly in its place in the hip socket. Strenuous activity, genetic abnormalities and repetitive motions all put stress on the labrum, and in extreme circumstances, cause it to tear. This causes intense hip pain and requires surgery or physical therapy. The following pages examine five of the major causes of a hip labral tear.

Golf and softball. It’s easy to imagine a golfer swinging his club or a ballplayer swinging her bat. Everyone has seen it hundreds of times. What isn’t easily seen is the stress that constant repetitive motion puts on the cartilage surrounding the hip joint. The sudden, forceful pivoting can cause wear and tear on the hip joint and possibly lead to a painful tear in the surrounding tissue. Rotating and twisting leg movements in golf and softball are one of the leading causes of a hip labral tear in both amateur and professional athletes. The motion of pitching a baseball is one that puts an incredible amount of stress on the body in so many ways. In addition to hip pain, another indicator of this kind of tear is a locking or clicking of the hip joint during sport activity.