Beware These 5 Common Symptoms of Migraines

Many people suffer from headaches from time to time. These can be caused by tension, sinuses, illnesses or other factors. For some people, what they think is a headache is actually a migraine. Unlike the average headache, migraines are neurological disorders. The only real similarity between an average headache and a migraine is that they both cause pain. There are five common symptoms that can help people determine if they are having a common headache or a migraine. These five symptoms are indicative of a migraine.

Sensitivity to light. Also known as photophobia, sensitivity to light is a very common symptom of migraine headaches. Studies report that up to 80 percent of migraine sufferers experience sensitivity to light during their headaches. The light sensitivity is often an abnormal reaction to light or extreme sensitivity to even low light. This abnormal or extreme sensitivity to light can often cause sufferers to find even low levels of light bright and bothersome to their eyes. This light sensitivity can also cause the migraine pain to increase during exposure to any light. For some, bright lights can be a trigger that can bring on a migraine.