Frozen Shoulder Exercises that Give Pain Relief

When a person has pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint, it can be what is known as frozen shoulder. Frozen shoulder is also known as adhesive capsulitis. This health issue can show up suddenly or gradually, over time. The symptoms of frozen shoulder will slowly begin and worsen over time. Symptoms of frozen shoulder usually resolve anywhere from one to three years. Symptoms include the inability to move the shoulder, pain, tenderness, and stiffness. The most common form of treatment for frozen shoulder is physical therapy. A doctor or physical therapist can create an exercise and stretching plan to help reduce the pain and help in the mobility of the frozen shoulder.

Information. There are several different stretches that will help regain the mobility of the shoulder. These stretches work to loosen the muscles and nerves of the shoulder. A physician or physical therapist will come up with a personalized plan of exercises and stretches that are dependent on the patient’s frozen shoulder symptoms.