How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs With 6 Home Remedies

Bring up the subject and one word comes to mind: no. Within the last decade, bed bugs have become an epidemic in the United States. Once they invade your home they can be extremely difficult to get rid of. Bed bug bites are very painful and tedious to have to deal with. Therefore after the very first bite you ever experience, you’re going to want to ensure there is never another bite. These 6 home remedies will help you deal with these tiny terrors once and for all.

Washing Fabrics. Washing bedding and other items and placing them in the dryer is one way to rid your home of bed bugs, but there is a specific process to doing so in order for this method to be effective. The majority of bed bugs will be taken care of by the heat of the dryer. Start by sorting the laundry. Do this in an area of your home you know to already be infested so as not to spread the problem. Place each pile of clothing into a separate plastic bag and seal tightly. Wash and dry each load at the highest possible temperature. When dry, seal items in clean plastic bags to prevent re-infestation.