Motion Sickness Symptoms, Causes and More

Motion sickness is a condition that has a long tradition spanning over all kinds of travel. Records of motion sickness date back to Romans and even NASA has mentioned it. Motion sickness is not actually an illness. Shortly after travel is over the symptoms usually diminish very quickly. However, it can make all types of travel a miserable experience. If you are a sufferer of motion sickness, you are in good company. People all over the world react to this common ailment.

Causes. Several elements come together to cause motion sickness. Different parts of your body are reacting to movement in different ways. Your brain doesn’t always put these reactions together in a way that makes sense. Your eyes see movement outside but no movement in the vehicle. Your muscles know you are not physically moving. Your inner ears sense something entirely different. When these mixed signals reach the brain all at once, you end up feeling dizzy and nauseous.