Signs and Symptoms, Risk Factors, Causes and Treatment of Bursitis

Surrounding the joints in the body are small, fluid-filled sacs. These sacs are known as bursae. When these sacs become inflamed, this is a condition called bursitis, and it is quite painful to anyone who has unfortunately afflicted with it.  People who suffer from chronic bouts with bursitis know that it can be very debilitating at times.

Information. Bursitis is most commonly found in the hips, elbows, and shoulders. However, it can also be located in your heels, base of the large toe, and in your knees. Bursitis frequently develops in the joints that carry out repetitive motions on a frequent basis. It is not unusual for the treatment of the afflicted joint to involve rest and shielding it from further harm. In the majority of cases, bursitis pain subsides after a few weeks of proper treatment, however, recurrent flare-ups are not unusual.