Spinal Cord Injuries Occur In These 5 Ways

A spinal cord injury is a frightening thought with fears of a loss of mobility and permanent dependence on others. The spinal cord is the part of the central nervous system that carries nerve impulses back and forth from the brain to the rest of the body. Depending on the location on the spine, a complete spinal cord injury can lead to permanent, full paralysis. An incomplete injury has some possibility of recovery but can still cause a long-term loss of function. Here are five common causes of spinal cord injuries.

Falling objects. Objects in free fall can hit a person with great power. A tree limb falling from above has enough weight to shatter vertebrae and damage the spinal cord. People are most likely to suffer from falling hazards is around construction sites. A variety of building materials have the potential to fall at great speed. Even a small metal bolt dropped from a great height can have a dangerous impact. While a hard hat may protect the skull from damage, it may not stop the impact from causing the back or neck to bend improperly, leading to spinal cord injury.