Symptoms, Treatments and the Diagnosis of Flu

Influenza, often more simply referred to as the flu is a virus that impacts millions of Americans per year. information compiled by the Centers For Disease Control (CDC),a government-based health agency, confirmed that some form of the flu sickened almost 50 million people during the 2017-18 flu season, resulted in more than 22 million doctor visits and nearly a million hospitalizations, This brief blog will offer important information regarding the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and available treatment options for this common but potentially serious ailment.

The flu can be precipitated by one of three virus types labeled A, B, and C. These pathogens are quite contagious and possess the ability to remain airborne or live on a surface such as a countertop for significant periods of time. Ergo, the virus enters an impacted individual’s body via their respiratory system or through their nose, mouth or eyes after said regions are touched by hands or fingers containing it. The virus is also easily spread from person to person through close bodily contact like kissing.