The 10 Common Autism Signs and Symptoms

Autism refers to a broad range of conditions that fall on a spectrum. It is characterized by repetitive behaviors and challenges with speech, nonverbal communication, and social skills, all of which vary from person to person. Though the exact cause remains unknown, autism is influenced by a combination of both environmental and genetic factors. Symptoms of autism begin to present around the age of two and affect the way that children learn, behave, and interact with their peers and surroundings.

Odd toy habits. One of the more evident traits that parents or caregivers initially pick-up on when observing their child is peculiar habits when choosing and playing with toys. Children with autism tend to prefer objects that they can examine, sort, stack, and group in a way that could appear obsessive or compulsive. While other children at this age may be entertained by dolls or toys that make sounds, autistic toddlers may prefer cars, blocks, cards, or any other thing that can be sorted by shape, color, etc..