10 Most Common Symptoms of Renal Failure

Kidney Failure

Renal failure (commonly referred to as kidney failure) is a serious problem for anyone’s health. In addition, the symptoms are often less obvious or subtle and can lead them to be dismissed. This leads the kidney failure to go undiagnosed and cause more problems. If it seems like you have any symptoms associated with kidney failure, quickly book a visit to a doctor.

Changes in Urination. The job of the kidney is to filter blood and produce urine properly. Therefore one of the first signs of kidney failure is when a person’s urination begins to change. Some people may start urinating far more than they have in the past. It’s also possible for the urine to change color and range from very clear to a really dark burnt orange. Urine may also start bubbling and foaming in the toilet. Some cases appear like the urine is boiling the water.