The 5 Best Remedies for Snoring

Snoring is caused by the soft tissues of the throat and back of the mouth vibrating during sleep. This doesn’t happen during wakeful hours because the mouth muscles aren’t as relaxed as they are during sleep. Some conditions can make snoring worse and there are several at-home treatments that snorers can try.

Healthy weight and exercise. Overweight people are far more likely to snore. This is because fat accumulates in the tissues of the mouth and restrict airflow through the nose and mouth. Those tissues then vibrate like a reed in a saxophone during deep, heavy breathing. Losing weight will reduce the amount of fat in the crucial tissues and reduce both the occurrence and severity of snoring. With enough weight loss, snoring can be stopped altogether. Maintaining a healthy weight can also prevent snoring by making breathing easier in general. Any restriction in airflow can cause snoring.