The 5 Most Common Causes of Ankle Swelling

Swollen ankles and swollen feet often go hand in hand when one has particularly been standing or walking for too long without rest. Although this may be normal, it should subside with some rest. If ankles stay swollen for far too long and are accompanied by other signs such as inflammation or unusual redness, this could signal serious health issues. We will look into some probable causes that could lead to your ankles swelling.

Blood clots. Some blood clots may form in the veins located in the legs. This interrupts the normal blood flow from the legs back to the heart causing an abnormal pool of blood that leads to swelling in the ankles. These blood clots may manifest in the veins in two ways: superficially or deep. Superficial blood clots occur in the veins just under the skin while deep blood clots are located in veins situated deep into the body known as deep vein thrombosis. If these blood clots happen to move to the heart or lungs, the condition becomes life-threatening. Therefore, if you have a swollen ankle accompanied by low fever, inflammation and a slight change in skin color on the swollen site, seek medical help immediately.