The 6 Effective Natural Home Remedies for Earache

Distraction. Find something to do to take the focus off the ear pain. Distraction is a useful method for any type of pain because it helps to relieve the anxiety people experience when they feel pain. Increases in anxiety levels can cause pain to feel more intense and this can lead to increased anxiety. Stop the cycle through distraction. Read a book, take a walk or watch a movie. An involved conversation, drawing or playing games are effective distractions for people of all ages. Use music or a massage to help a baby with ear pain to relax.

Naturopathic Drops. Ear drops can help to reduce ear discomfort and can be made at home or bought at a natural foods shop. The most effective herbal remedies include lavender, tea tree oil, and ginger. Other options include elderflowers, thyme, and licorice. Place a few drops of essential oil in olive oil and warm before introduction to the ear canal. Apply a few test drops on the inside of the elbow and watch for any reaction before using in the ear. The test makes certain there is no allergic reaction and ensures the essential oil concentration is not high enough to cause skin irritation.