The 6 Most Effective Remedies and Treatments for Sunburn

Spending time in the sun is usually a lot of fun. Everyone has a great time during a day at the beach. However, there can be consequences. Sunburn can be annoying and sometimes even dangerous. If someone stayed out in the sun too long or forgot to put on sunscreen, they can suffer varying degrees of a sunburn. If they find themselves having to deal with sunburn, they will want to know some remedies that might help them deal with the symptoms. Knowing some of these tips can help shorten the time they are in pain and treat the sunburn naturally.

Cold compress. Using a cool compress will help cool down the skin. Someone can even use ice in the water to make it colder. However, when deciding to take a cool shower or bath, do not let it last too long. This can actually dry out the skin and cause more irritation. Cooling the burn will help stop the burn from getting worse. It is important that if using a pool or body of water to cool off that the time in the sun is extremely limited. It is critical that the skin is covered and not subjected to further damage from the sun.