The Causes, Complications and Prevention of Teeth Grinding

Prevention. The best treatment of all is prevention. There are ways to prevent bruxism from getting worse or occurring in the first place. In this case, it is all about working on psychological factors and eliminating some environmental ones. Stimulating drinks and substances should be brought down to a minimum. These can be caffeine, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and energy drinks. All of these can cause tension in the body that can be released through teeth grinding during the night. Holistic practitioners and physicians alike recommend de-stressing before going to bed. Tension can be released through many different ways including a massage, warm compresses, light yoga, stretching, or anything that makes you more relaxed. Psychological therapy helps immensely to get rid of internal stress factors and patterns of thinking that can cause anxiety reactions to events. In particular, cognitive behavioral therapy is often used to explore what thoughts cause certain stressful reactions and emotions. CBT can help build more positive though associations and respond better to external stimuli which would significantly lower the pressure.