The Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Bone Spurs

Bone spurs (osteophytes) are hard bumps that grow on bones. Most bone spurs are found on the joints, points where different bones come together. Many cases of osteophytes are mild and cause no symptoms, so they can go undetected for years and require no treatment. Other cases may result in painful extensions, movement and weakness and numbness depending on the location of the spurs.

Information. Osteophytes are bony projections called exostoses that form along joints. They can also develop along the small bones that make up the spine known as vertebrae. Bone spurs aren’t uncommon in patients with osteoarthritis, whose condition results in joint damage. Bone spurs can limit joint movement and make it difficult for patients to maintain an active lifestyle and have a full range of motion. Bone spurs on the hip and knee joints can make even moving painful.