The Causes, Treatment, Prevention and Info About Hair Loss in Women

A growing number of beauty products, magazine articles and media campaigns are directing their marketing efforts toward hair loss among the female population. Thinning hair and hair loss in women may not be as dramatic or as common as male baldness, but the effects are nonetheless staggering. Unfortunately, until recently, very little information was known about this phenomena and there were few treatment options available. Modern science and research efforts have uncovered common causes and developed potential treatments of hair loss among women.

Information. This has recently become available and more research is currently being conducted. Unlike the general male pattern balding, women typically develop thinning hair symptoms that begin around the accepted hairline. This may follow along the temples, from the forehead downward, and end around the ears. The crown of the head is also a common place that hair thinning will affect, but this is not usually the starting point for hair loss in women. Balding and hair loss trends in women do not necessarily follow a uniform pattern and can be affected by a number of different circumstances.