The Common Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Mononucleosis

Treatment. There is no specific treatment for mononucleosis. The patient needs to rest and eat a healthy diet even though they do not feel like eating. They should make sure to drink lots of fluids, especially when they are feverish. Patients with a sore throat should gargle with warm salt water or a double strength tea. The tea can be either warm or cold, but it needs to be concentrated. The salt water gargle should be made of a half a teaspoon of salt dissolved in a cup of water. Chicken soup is also excellent when it comes to easing the aches and pains of mononucleosis. Patients should gradually take on their normal activities when they feel up to it.

Over-the-counter medications can be used for minor pain, though children under 18 should not be given some pain killers. They can put them at risk for Reye’s syndrome, a dangerous condition that causes swelling in the organs, including the brain. If the patient’s symptoms are severe, the doctor might prescribe cortisone drugs. The patient should not be given some antibiotics because they can bring on a rash in someone with mononucleosis.

Mono usually resolves anywhere from 10 days to six months though many people are still tired for as long as a month and a half after other symptoms have gone away. There are a handful of patients who have symptoms that linger for years or months.