The Symptoms, Causes and Complications of Tonsil Stones

Causes. The tonsils are made up of pits, tunnels, and crevices. These are known as tonsil crypts. Debris can settle in these tonsil crypts and cause these tonsil stones. Debris like saliva, food, dead cells, and mucus can all build up once they become trapped in the tonsil crypts. Fungi and bacteria will feed on this buildup and that is what causes the distinct odor that tonsil stones are known for. If the tonsil stone sits for a long period of time it will harden. A patient may have just one tonsil stone or multiple stones along the crevices of the tonsils. The causes of tonsil stones may be caused by chronically inflamed tonsils, large tonsils, poor dental hygiene and chronic sinus issues.