The Symptoms, Causes and Complications of Tonsil Stones

Symptoms. Even if a patient does not see the tonsil stones they can cause some symptoms. The symptoms include a sore throat, ear pain, trouble swallowing, recurring cough, bad breath, and debris in the tonsil. The patient may not have any symptoms at all and never notice them unless they cough one up, or their doctor or dentist sees the tonsil stones. For some people, the only symptom that they have is bad breath, and they are not sure why they have bad breath. They may try different products designed for halitosis, only to find that they have not worked. This is because there is no way to treat the smell of tonsil stones unless they are removed. If a person has chronic bad breath, they should consider the likelihood that they may have tonsil stones. They can look for tonsil stones by looking at the tonsil in the mirror or they can go to their doctor or dentist for verification that they have tonsil stones.