The Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Scrotal Masses

Scrotal masses develop as abnormalities in the scrotum, the bag of skin that hangs behind the penis. The testicles are housed in the scrotum, as are the smaller structures that produce, store, and transport the male sex hormones and sperm. The scrotal masses can result from a variety of factors, such as an accumulation of fluids, a growth of abnormal tissues, or even swelling and inflammation of the normal contents of the scrotum.

Information. Regardless of whether the person in pain or is experiencing other symptoms, a doctor should always be sought out if scrotal masses develop. They could be a sign of a condition that affects the health and functionality of the testicles, such as cancer. In addition to doctor testing, regular self-examinations of the scrotum are important for ensuring scrotal health. Doing so can improve identification time and ensure an early diagnosis and start of treatment for any scrotal masses. Knowing how to properly examine the scrotum, in addition to keeping track of symptoms and any relevant family medical history, greatly improve a person’s prognosis in the event of a more serious disease. Most cases of testicular cancer are able to be cured, but a doctor will provide more detailed information.