The Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Options for Gastric Ulcers

Antacids. A popular treatment for ulcers is the use of antacids. Common ones used for ulcer treatment include Mylanta, Amphojel, and Maalox. Unfortunately, the use of antacids will only be a temporary relief. Frequent dosing will be required to experience relief from the ulcer. When antacids are stopped, the ulcer symptoms will soon return. A patient must keep in mind that antacids like Maalox and Mylanta may cause diarrhea. Amphojel, on the other hand, may cause issues with constipation. H2 blockers may help in the treatment of ulcers. They help to reduce the production of acid. There are several different drugs that may all help with the treatment of ulcers. However, if the ulcer is caused by H. pylori, this medication may not help. As with antacids, when the H2 blockers are stopped, the symptoms soon return.