The Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors and Treatment of Hip Bursitis

Treatments. Bursitis is common and usually goes away after one to two weeks with treatment. Often, only self-care is needed. The person needs to use the RICE therapy on the affected joint as much as possible. They should place an ice pack over their hip several times a day, try to compress the area and keep it elevated by resting their hip on a pillow. They can also apply heat to their hip in the form of a towel soaked in hot water than wrung out or a heaping pad. Some people benefit from a deep-heating cream or ointment. Minor pain can be eased through over-the-counter pain medications such as as NSAIDs. Your doctor can prescribe stronger pain medications if the pain is severe. If the bursa becomes infected, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics. Some doctors recommend a physiotherapist who can help reduce inflammation and teach the patient exercises to strengthen the muscles of the hip.