The Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and More Info About Laryngitis

Most of us have suffered from laryngitis at one time or another. It usually results in making it difficult to talk with our voices sounding hoarse, whisper-like or even squeaky. Laryngitis occurs when the voice box or larynx becomes irritated. It is usually harmless and generally results from a simple infection or overuse. Most cases of laryngitis are temporary but some cases can be chronic.

Information. Inside the neck is a structure known as the larynx or voice box. It contains the vocal cords which open and close to allow us to make sounds. Laryngitis results when the vocal cords become irritated or inflamed. This doesn’t allow them to move freely, and it causes the hoarseness we generally associate with laryngitis. Although the condition usually disappears on its own, if laryngitis persists it is important to consult a doctor.