The Symptoms, Prevention and More Information About Calciphylaxis

Treatment. The goal of any treatment of calciphylaxis is to bring back the blood flow and therefore oxygen and nutrients to the skin and other tissues. The goal is to remove the calcium deposits in the arteries. To increase blood flow, the doctor may prescribe anticoagulants or even put the patient in an oxygen chamber, which can either be a tube or a pressurized room. In this chamber, the air pressure is three times what it is outside and allows the lungs to bring in more oxygen. The doctor may also give the patient a tissue plasminogen activator to dissolve the blood clots in their arterioles. When it comes to decreasing or removing the calcium deposits, the doctor can change the patient’s dialysis prescription or change medications that make their calciphylaxis worse. The doctor can replace them with medications that can lower the calcium build up. Sometimes, the patient needs surgery to remove some or all of the glands and/or tissue that has been damaged by the calciphylaxis.