The Symptoms, Stages and Treatment of Kawasaki Syndrome

Treatment and Medications. It is best for a child with Kawasaki disease to be treated by a pediatric cardiologist. This is a doctor who specializes in heart problems in children. To avoid complications and permanent damage to the cardiovascular system, the doctor treats the child with intravenous medications and pain relievers in high doses. The dosage can be lowered either after the child has been sick for two weeks or after their fever has resolved. This treatment might continue for as long as two months, and might be permanent if the child is shown to have suffered heart damage. However, treatment may be discontinued if the child comes down with a viral infection. Some painkillers given to a child who is having a viral infection may lead to a dangerous disease called Reye’s syndrome. The child may also be given powerful anticoagulants to reduce the risk of blood clots.