The Symptoms, Treatment and More Information About Ganglion Cysts

There are many types of cysts that are categorized based on how they are formed, where they are located, and the type of fluid in the cyst. A ganglion cyst, sometimes called a Bible cyst, develops along joints or tendons, usually in the wrists, fingers, ankles, or feet. While ganglion cysts typically do not require treatment and may go away on their own, they can be painful and interfere with normal joint movement.

Information. A ganglion cyst is a unique type of cyst that develops within the hand and wrist next to the tendons or joints. These cysts are usually located on top of the wrist. They can occur in other locations as well. Sometimes they occur at the base of the finger against the palm, on the palm side of the wrist, and at the top of a finger’s end joint. Ganglion cysts resemble a balloon on a thin stalk, growing out of the tissue around a joint and filled with a thick fluid similar to the fluid that lubricates joints. Like most cysts, ganglion cysts aren’t dangerous. Despite this, they may affect joint movement.