The Symptoms, Treatment and Outlook of Cardiomyopathy

Outlook. The outlook or prognosis for patients with cardiomyopathy varies according to the type of cardiomyopathy they have, what is the underlying cause of the disease, and how well it is managed. If another condition, such as diabetes, is the underlying cause, then meticulous management of diabetes may improve the outlook for the cardiomyopathy. Many people with cardiomyopathy are able to live normal lives with few complications while others suffer severe symptoms and/or life-threatening complications. The difference may lie in how carefully the patient follows the doctor’s advice on disease management. If a special diet or exercise program is outlined by the doctor, careful adherence can change the course of the disease for better. Other changes that may be medically indicated include losing weight, stopping smoking, abstaining from alcohol and illegal drug use, keeping stress to a minimum, and getting plenty of rest and sleep. Along with these lifestyle changes, it is important to keep all doctor appointments and take all medications as prescribed. Being proactive in the management of all chronic conditions can improve the outlook for living with cardiomyopathy.