The Top 8 Common Caffeine Withdrawal Symptoms

Coffee is a favorite drink of many. There are some that do not wake up before having a cup of this alluring drink. Coffee is invigorating to eh senses because of the presence of caffeine inside of it. It is a substance that is stimulating and addicting. That is why it is so hard for people to quit drinking coffee after long and regular use. When one quits drinking coffee, just like any form of drug abstinence, there are bound to be side effects. knowing of them can help the one trying to quit be more aware of what is happening with their body as they stop drinking coffee.

Head pain. A headache is the main symptom of coffee abstinence. Because caffeine constricts the walls of the blood vessels in the brain, once it is no longer taken the blood flow returns to its normal flow. The sudden change of blood flowing into the brain can cause headaches as the vessels suddenly expand. Once the brain is used to it, the headache will stop.