The Types, Symptoms and Causes of Hematoma

Types. There are numerous types of hematomas that are named depending on where they occur within the body. An intracranial hematoma occurs in the head and can be further sub categorized by their proximity to the brain tissue, epidural, arachnoid, and pial membranes. A spinal epidural hematoma is one which occurs between the outside spinal cord lining and the spinal vertebrae. Types of hematomas that occur within the abdominal cavity include a retroperitoneal, and intra-abdominal hematomas. A hematoma that happens between the overlying skin of the ear and the ear cartilage is called an aural hematoma. A hematoma that is located within the spleen is called a splenic hematoma, and a hematoma that is located within the liver is considered a hepatic hematoma. One type of hematoma can occur in the finger or toenail bed or underneath a finger or toenail.