These 5 Common Hair Loss Treatments Can Slow Down Nature

Hair loss medications. There are several over the counter and prescription medications designed to treat or reverse hair loss. The most common is the over the counter drug, Minoxidil. Available in shampoo and conditioning solutions like Rogaine, Minoxidil in 2% concentration has been proven to regrow hair in some clients. Propecia is a prescription medication that is commonly prescribed in pill format for men experiencing hair loss. This medication does impact male hormone levels, so women of childbearing age are not prescribed Propecia. The other main prescription medication for thinning hair is Spironolactone. This pill is actually a blood pressure medication, but has been proven to slow or reverse hair loss in certain female patients. Unfortunately, use of Spironolactone has been tied to birth defects in male babies, so like Propecia, this is not a viable treatment option for women of childbearing age. Finally, the topical drug Latisse was designed for cosmetic uses, but has some success in treating hair loss in some women.