Try These 5 All Natural Steps to Combat Bed Wetting

Little babies and toddlers do not have the habits of going to the bathroom during the night. Whether parents use diapers or multiple-use nappies, it is a truly exciting time when children can finally stop using those and wake up dry in the morning. Sometimes, however, children that are older still wet their beds. While the reasons are not clear as to why that is, there are some natural and simple steps that parents can take to help their older child sleep and wake up dry. This can help increase the confidence of the child, and help the parent reduce their laundry .

Schedule bathroom breaks. In order to minimize the chances of the child passing urine during sleep, daily bathroom breaks should be scheduled. This means putting the child on the bathroom at a three- to four-hour interval to urinate. The most important time for the child to be put on the bathroom is just before it goes to bed. During the night, a bathroom break can be scheduled for midnight if necessary. Ideally however, children shouldn’t have be to woken up to urinate during the middle of the night.