Valacyclovir (Valtrex) Side Effects, What to Know Before Taking and More Information

Valtrex or Valacyclovir (generic) is a medication that can be prescribed for viral infections like herpes simplex, shingles, cold sores, and chickenpox. Before deciding whether to take this medication, patients should research the side effects and possible complications it can cause. As with just about any medication, there are things that can happen when a patient takes it. The patient needs to make sure they understand all the aspects of the medicine. There are always pros and cons, and they need to be weighed against each other.

Information. Valtrex is commonly used to treat viral infections in both children and adults. And, while many conditions are not curable, they can be treated with this medication. The purpose of Valtrex is to decrease the brutality and length of any outbreak a patient might experience. It can relieve the patient from some itching, allow for faster healing of sores, and even prevent new ones from emerging. Furthermore, the length of time needed will vary based on a patient’s response to the medication, what kind of infection they have, and any other medical conditions.