Watch Out For These 5 Common Pet Allergies

Pet allergy sufferers are used to being at odds with their health and being pet owners or dating pet owners. Their immune systems lack the kind of protection from allergens that they need, and their worst allergy symptoms are probably not being caused by their pets. Dust and pollen are much more likely to be the culprits, though pets do produce proteins that affect human respiratory systems. Regular cleaning is a tremendous help with maintaining a relatively clear atmosphere. Vacuuming everything that has a surface and wearing a mask to protect the airways while allergens are being redistributed during cleaning will help to prevent allergic reactions.

Dust and mites. Dust is the number one allergen among humans. It attracts other allergens which will come together and make the perfect storm for allergic reaction. Dust collects throughout the home and contains tiny mites that feed off of it and whatever moisture there is in the air. This allergen is present all year long and can impede respiratory functions and aggravate skin rashes. Wiping down non-fabric surfaces will also help to control the amount of dust that collects.