Wheezing Causes and Risk Factors

A whistle like high pitched sound that comes from an individual while breathing is characterized as wheezing. Most often, wheezing sounds happen when an individual is exhaling or releasing pushing air out of the lungs, but it can happen sometimes when an individual inhales or sucks air into the lungs. Wheezing happens when the airways in the lungs called the bronchus, bronchi, and or bronchioles become very inflamed or become very narrowed. In order to effectively treat wheezing, the underlying condition that is causing the wheezing must be identified and then treated.

Information. Most conditions that cause wheezing to happen are a result of general inflammation from obstruction of the lung chambers. There are many medications out there to help with airway inflammation and narrowing of the lung channels. These medications come in an inhaler, tablets, and or syrups that are meant to control the chronic non emergent causes of wheezing. It is important to understand when wheezing is an urgent medical emergency, as some causes of wheezing are life threatening and need to be treated urgently by medical personnel.